Africans; Best people to ever live

After a German pilot crashed a plane full of over 150 living people into a mountain and they ended up dead just because he was mentally unstable or insane as the reason is always when a white man or boy does such an act. it got me thinking about our own people down here. it got me thinking we Africans despite the challenges presently, are the best humans occupying earth right now. and the challenges am talking about were brought onto us by a different kind of people.

So the white men are committing suicide and shooting each other in schools purportedly because of issues like mental illness, depression, boredom and maybe too much money. and the Arabs are hating on everybody else that doesn’t hate the white-mans way of living and doing things, so they are killing themselves and the other people through massacres and bombings, not to forget be-headings. the name the Arab crazies have been give is ‘terrorists’

now the Asians, i think i like them because so far all they are trying to do is make friends with Africa. maybe we shall mention the atrocities after they have fully colonized us. but not yet. so i like them, they seem genuine for now. and i can’t wait to speak Chinese or mandarin if you prefer.Africans

so my appeal to all Africans is that seeing whats going on in the world right now, its very obvious we are the future and i could also say we are blessed with everything, let’s use that. so lets use the white-mans tools(not free of course) and the china man’s money to make our own movies and music. because this is a perfect way to make our culture cool.

just promise that we don’t prosper so much and start getting depressed. that’s not our style.


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