When to pull out the Racist Card.

well recently and not so recently ugandans have been crying foul citing ‘racism’ at different bars. haha. yes at Bars. and maybe most recently at a telecommunication company, a new one.

so the question is was it right or was it a right situation to pull out the racism card. well personally i say NO. Even if i get that most people are pulling out this card because , well these establishment are in our country so we become the victims. like it recently happened in Kenya with the Chinese restaurant(which counts for racism by the way for me for different racist reasons.)


I say NO because the world has become a global village, no more boundaries. meaning someone can own an establishment anywhere and everywhere with their rules to govern that establishment, so the ‘our country ‘ plea should not work when one is simply disgruntled with the service.

I say No simply because these allegations have happened at places where the management reserves the right to admission on unspecified grounds. and these places have been frequented by all races throught the year before and the locals have enjoyed and taken pride in them. Till when a blogger is denied entrance or is disgruntled at the bar.

so when should someone pull out the racist card?

Big question….i also don’t know. i just have the dictionary discription of Racism here————->racism


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