Freeing the Nipple

okay, everyone has heard about the ‘free the nipple’ campaign by some white ladies. even a movie has been made about this. this is how huge the campaign is. it is a movement.

for those who haven’t heard about it. ‘Free the nipple’ campaign is a campaign by some ladies who feel women everywhere should be allowed and accepted by society to freely expose their nipples, OK their breasts(huh….i know i know) on magazines, streets, or any place where you normally meet bare chested men, maybe even like road construction sites, on the beach or even in the house on a lazy Sunday. yes  so women want that too.

so this whole campaign is nicely wrapped around ideas like women empowerment, equality, sijui female oppression and censorship. there are even t shirts designed for this whole campaign. so you can take a glace at he official website for the movie here….Free the nipple

so why i got so interested in this is basically to relate to whats happening down here in Africa.  *shouting* dear white ladies African women have been freeing the nipple since man kind was created. till now. those who are not doing that it is because of the cloths you made later.


so first of all you or your men are to blame for this since you were not thinking that maybe one day you might want to get naked again.

so as i said in one of my blogs before clearly Africa is the future here. come we teach you how to handle the whole situation of freeing the nipple and also breast feed in a commuter taxi.


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