What the movies are slipping past you

The movies are another way countries get to spread their cultures, music and also clean up their image in the face of other countries. or also tell their histories(only the victors do this). so right now am just wondering how far dear Uganda has gone ahead to use movies to erase Idi Amin from our minds. but it looks like Idi Amin movies are the only ones Hollywood can make about us. With the locals trying to mimic Hollywood action movies(refer to ‘who killed captain Alex’)

But then have you ever been watching a movie or series when you are wide awake and you can’t help but exclaim ‘wtf’. and by wide awake i not only mean when your not asleep but also not too deeply engrossed in the motion picture.

well if you have then you should realize that their are those things, new things that the movies are trying to slip past you and by doing this over and over again they become acceptable to  your subconscious mind. call it programming. personally it took me time to fully understand this from those nagging paranoid Zeeyis.

so everyone who watched the interview, remember that part when James Franco kissed Seth Rogen on the Lips…that was a wtf moment.

Then everyone who watches the TV drama ‘Empire’. wait. you realize how this particular TV drama is quit different from the usual black dramas or movies or series. This Empire thing has a lot of show of different sex orientations. from the gay, the lesbians, to the transvestite. yes!


personally i had never seen a black TV drama with all this in it and that popular. well this drove the point home for me. all this is intended to make this acceptable behavior in society. so everyone should be awake and realize how such behavior will finally be made acceptable in society. it is through these movies, series and music videos.

well am not against anything but i want to be aware and not be any other stupid fool who accepts anything after it has been mischievously been slipped past me.

so people be awake.


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