Sales and the ‘friend-zone’

Sales is not only a career but it’s life itself, like you will realize that everything you do to make a sale on the job is the same thing that applies to accomplish anything else in life from when you are born.

I have found the sales game very similar to successfully getting the girl you want. some people prefer to fall in love with the first person who shows interest but if you are one who goes for what you like and you get it, the experience is no different from closing a business deal.

From the time you walk into social gatherings and places looking forward to meeting some girls and boys,weird i know (prospecting). and you know most of them will tell you ‘i have a boyfriend’ yet you already know the nigga.


Then you spot the girl you like, your type of girl, your class and who you think can go with a guy like you(qualifying your lead). Not an easy one because you will find that many fail at this as they  they do not mind about how long it will take to close the deal, so they end up in the dreaded “friend-zone” for decades.


So the time to approach, also referred to as approach in sales. how will you talk to her? first impression lasts forever. Biggest mistake for me is to forget to exchange contacts, sometimes i forget and i have to go to Google with only the client name in mind.This is an options but its the harder one. and for the girl it will be awkward when you tell her i got your number from a friend or her Facebook.

Then you have to follow up. sometimes you have to meet the client out of office and treat them to a cup of coffee or lunch. so these are the dates. dating should be fun. but you are selling yourself. different impressive attires, good talk and rehearsed lines. But sales teaches you not to be caught in a loop of dates, coffee/ lunch over and over again. which happens to many thus the question “so what are we”


CLOSING: This is the ultimate aim and goal of selling. sealing the deal. only am a little confused about sealing the deal with a girl. depending on your religious beliefs. you will either bang her after that fifth date or just get a good ‘yes i will be your girlfriend’ and wait for her to give it up after marriage.

but as they say, sales is a continuous process, even after you close the deal. you have to do somethings. we can talk about that later. after all she gave it up.



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