#UgHacks: Got a girls number, forgot her name. what to do?

We have all been in that situation where it skipped your frugal, alcohol or internet addicted mind about asking for someone’s name, usually a very good looking female  judging by your clumsiness in this situation. You forget to ask for this very important and basic details of getting to know someone and perhaps transforming a conversation over a drink at your favorite hangout into something mutually beneficial like getting laid. First maybe because you were so distracted by the females’ good looks and deep intellect (rare combination this one) that it is too late to  ask for her name as she is trying to explain to you why in the GOTS04E3 ‘the other guy with a beard’ decided to do what he did.

Also maybe at this particular point in time you met this lady, you are in the middle of an identity crisis, you haven’t yet decided if you are Puff Daddy or Puff Diddy. And  that you  popularized your twitter name so much that you can’t help using it IRL and you wouldn’t what to limit yourself and put your pro-creation chances in jeopardy with this very beautiful creature by using your internet troll name. we all know how the story of the troll and the beautiful person ends.

Or you could have cleverly swerved away from the name introduction part of the conversation not because you like to be anonymous (which is a good idea because Anonymous has a lot of good quotes) but you are called Faizal and you met the beaut while holding a beer bottle. I mean you do not what to start off a good run with the first impression of you not being the religious type. Because as you know the religious type get ‘it’ a lot, ask whoever went for the recent “phaneroo” concert.


Another situation can be that you would like to get someone’s name and number without ever meeting them or asking them(creepy!). They intimidate you, you are shy, you do not know how to talk to girls and maybe you are doing it for a friend who is experiences all the above( birds of the same feather).

Lastly, naturally many of us men easily forget names of first time acquaintances, so you reach that part of saving the number in your phone but you would like to keep your low attention span and shallow memory problem to yourself, so you don’t ask for the name again.

How do you would  recover from this tight situation while living in a country that skipped the basic of technologies like the white pages or the telephone directory, where we still sell SIM cards on the street corner and many phone lines are not registered? Here is what you can do before you start sending unsolicited messages to your future wife or before making a deceitfully orchestrated looser attempt of asking your friend to call her and ask for you.(he will take the number and take her too, unless he is uglier). Here is a few clever ways you can find her name.

Google +: The probability that she was using an android phone is higher than 1, so save her in your phone as “panamera chic” and check Google+, if you need more info on this, you should take a short course on ‘cyber stalking’. And stop misusing your smartphone for ‘whatsapping’ only.

Visitor’s book: well if you are slick enough and managed to arrange your second encounter to be at your hostel(for campus students), run to the visitor’s book and check. Thinking about this, you will need Clark Kent’s speed to do this. The opening of the door to usher her in, the running to the gate and be back in time before she takes a seat on you only seat, your bed. Good luck.


Mobile money: You really really want that name and you are too dumb to find other ways to get it, send her money using any of the mobile money services, the agent will confirm the transaction by reading out her name. Also good luck if she gave you a fake number which is coincidentally real and is registered for mobile money services.

Talk to her Mom: so you happen to be a ‘sponsor’ or ‘investor’ who likes to prey on your work-mate’s daughters, here you just have to start a conversation about your families with her, she will be glad to tell you of how her daughter ‘kikalamu’ has grown so much.


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