The Thrill of Bungee Jumping

“I’d rather be scared to death than bored to death”

To take the jump or not to. This is how life has been lately as we battle every day situations and shenanigans in a crazy world. After a catastrophic week mired with anxiety, mild depression, zero motivation and whole days spent sleeping. I needed a push, a shove and a shrink who i found in my friend Adrian(Jack of all trades this one, same guy who did photography for my Airbnb listing). Not shocking since he hates my guts and  is not a professional counselor, Adrian advised me to go jump to my death. I cant believe i trusted this man’s discernment but i half decided to go Bungee jumping the following weekend.

I have been to the world renown tourist destination Jinja several times with family and friends, camped at the Nile and i always pass through it between home and Kampala. It is fun but there are those few seconds i always craved for. Those few seconds on the Adrift Nile high bungee. To suggest it to the parents would be like signing up for parentlessness and impromptu burial arrangements just like i waved off my rights to sue Adrift just in case something went wrong.

I have always known that am manically fearless and daring with my love for contact sports and trouble at school but jumping from one of the most spectacular 140ft high bungee in the world is something else.

A few years from now i will not be able to tell how i got up there but i hurriedly and fearlessly got up there with no second guessing or contingency plans but i guess this was partly induced by the the strict no refund policy in case one got weak knees and peed themselves.

Being a long time coming, i had to savor this moment,  while walking up the steel platform that soars over the cliff that towers over the deep fast flowing river Nile i looked down, i looked him in the eye. Though i highly suspect its a her since it involves risking it all and diving  into waters for a thrill that lasts seconds.

Prior to the decision to do the jump, one particular detail stood out being which diving pose i would use. Would it be the grand old pool dive, the superman flying pose, the Neo flying pose from the matrix or maybe the naked man stance. While up there I was shown into the ‘kings seat’ so called maybe because it has been sat into by greats including prince William and others who have taken on the ‘ultimate personal challenge’.  Here attention to detail was key as i was  strapped so hard at the ankles and at the waist area it left a humongous organ print on my khaki pants(exaggeration here for personal reasons). The bungee safety guy appropriately donning a t shirt with the words “id rather be scared to death than bored to death” pointed out the safety features perhaps in a bid to make sure i did not change my mind or because he has dealt with lots of back to back safety questions from scared patsies and sissies. Then under strict instructions i hoped to the edge, crossed the cord that separated the jumper from the safety guys which really made me feel like i was  in that situation where you are making a bad decision alone and the separating code was to make sure  you do not take anyone else down with you.  I still had my everything together standing on the edge, i was able to wave to the camera and  with the wind howling i heard loud mumblings with a barely understandable count from the safety guys as i jumped with the superman stance into the air. It felt like an unending jump into a bottomless pit in a dream, adrenaline at its peak with nothing to hold on, seeing nothing but green and blue then suddenly i felt a pull upwards and that’s when i felt saved and had to  soar like a kite in the sky. The upward bouncing ans swinging happened several times as i barely heard the  stewards calling on me to hold the oar so i could be lowered into an inflatable boat.

I Finally found the only thing that lasts shorter than sex or an mixed martial arts fight but more dangerous and exciting. I vow to do it again.

I was so exhilarated by the whole experience and relieved this moment again and again thanks to the great in-house photography and my resilient Sony xperia ray video recording. This is also when i found out that instead of looking like superman taking a jump, i looked like the drunk looser Hancock.





The Young Adult

Me and most of my peers find ourselves at this moment in life where we are described as young adults, tricky times i would say. Most of us are fighting midlife crisis right now and the main cause of this is the one and only factor…great expectations from society.

Society is not something strange or someone from outside or far, society is closer than you think. Society are your drinking buddies, parents, workmates, rolex guy, boda guy and siblings to mention but a few. And these are the people with great expectations from you. They expect certain things from you as a young adult. They always want to ask questions them themselves cannot answer.

Many have succumbed to this pressure by marrying too soon, getting into jobs they hate, abandoning their passions and doing things they love, moving out of the parent’s house when they can hardly pay rent.

Though some have rebelled and refused to be subject to these expectations, well guess what? these are the people society calls ‘losers’. Which i personally do not agree to. These are the heroes, these are the people who are out there to save the generation from such heavy burden. People paving way to a complete new way of life, a change in society attitude.

With the ‘losers’ holding onto their guns , maybe society will agree to a number of situations without being judgemental and cringing to the idea of it;

32, not in a relationship,no full time job, staying in parents house

36, stays alone, with well paying job, and no plans of getting married or having kids, with hundreds of empty beer bottles in the bedroom.

Truthfully, this is how some would like to live but they cannot so they end up living other people’s lives which is a disaster in a long run.

I know a friend who is facing a midlife crisis at 26, he has been in a long term relationship which ended cause he wasn’t putting a ring on it, he is living in a huge apartment alone for which he moved out of the parent’s house to leave with the departed girlfriend, he hates the company that he is currently working for hence missing days at work. He feels like reversing his life but he is stuck. Time is irreversible.

I have other friends who have quit work suddenly because they fell into the wrong job and they are frustrated and feeling like they deserve better. Better being following their passions art, sports, music,dance, coding.

Others have ended their marriages before a year because they got bored. In the first place getting married at 26 is like leaving the party at 11 then you get text messages, snap chat stories of what is happening at the party and you decide to leave bed and go back.

well many of us young adults are falling for this pressure but i do not think we should fall for it, given that there are a lot of things we haven’t accomplished in our 20’s and 30’s. As many would know, there is a bucket list for our 20’s. lets cross things off. That threesome hasn’t been had yet, you haven’t visited Brazil yet, the road-trips to south Africa, bungee jumping and the list goes on as far as your young imagination can go. So go live life.



Sales and the ‘friend-zone’

Sales is not only a career but it’s life itself, like you will realize that everything you do to make a sale on the job is the same thing that applies to accomplish anything else in life from when you are born.

I have found the sales game very similar to successfully getting the girl you want. some people prefer to fall in love with the first person who shows interest but if you are one who goes for what you like and you get it, the experience is no different from closing a business deal.

From the time you walk into social gatherings and places looking forward to meeting some girls and boys,weird i know (prospecting). and you know most of them will tell you ‘i have a boyfriend’ yet you already know the nigga.


Then you spot the girl you like, your type of girl, your class and who you think can go with a guy like you(qualifying your lead). Not an easy one because you will find that many fail at this as they  they do not mind about how long it will take to close the deal, so they end up in the dreaded “friend-zone” for decades.


So the time to approach, also referred to as approach in sales. how will you talk to her? first impression lasts forever. Biggest mistake for me is to forget to exchange contacts, sometimes i forget and i have to go to Google with only the client name in mind.This is an options but its the harder one. and for the girl it will be awkward when you tell her i got your number from a friend or her Facebook.

Then you have to follow up. sometimes you have to meet the client out of office and treat them to a cup of coffee or lunch. so these are the dates. dating should be fun. but you are selling yourself. different impressive attires, good talk and rehearsed lines. But sales teaches you not to be caught in a loop of dates, coffee/ lunch over and over again. which happens to many thus the question “so what are we”


CLOSING: This is the ultimate aim and goal of selling. sealing the deal. only am a little confused about sealing the deal with a girl. depending on your religious beliefs. you will either bang her after that fifth date or just get a good ‘yes i will be your girlfriend’ and wait for her to give it up after marriage.

but as they say, sales is a continuous process, even after you close the deal. you have to do somethings. we can talk about that later. after all she gave it up.